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I'm just an anime fan from Sweden.

If you want to talk to me, the easiest way is to log on to #anidb on the Chatsociety IRC Network: [1] and talk to "hrm" - which is my nickname on that network. If I am not there, I likely will be shortly.

A few handy links if you want to know more about my tastes and stuff like that:


Currently I'm working on Other Awards. This will take quite alot of time, so I'll probably slip some other smaller things through during this.


This list will not be updated too frequently, but it's a good way for me to keep track of what I was going to change/update on the wiki. I will not follow this list strictly either, but if you're wondering what I'm up to, this will give you a clue.

  • Send message - describe how to send messages.
  • Votes: My votes - describe the myvotes page.
  • FAQ:Recommendations - make this page point to more than just the Anime Hint - there are several more ways of getting recommendations than this, that AniDB supports/condones.
  • My latest files - describe this section if myplace in more detail.
  • My reviews - now that I actually have written a few reviews, I feel more confident about describing this page.
  • Export ED2K Links - this page needs a proper going through.
  • My messages - describe this page.
  • My notifies - describe this page.
  • My wishlist - describe how the different wishlists work, and how the blacklist works.
  • CSS styles - update the style I made when it becomes necessary.
  • Categories - just try to find a good way to describe the categories system - fixing the actual categories is too much for me, and there are plenty of other people who are better suited to it than me.
  • ... Write a couple of descriptions for categories that are still missing theirs. This will in many cases prove useless as alot of them will be moved, but hey.
  • Many more things that I can't think of now.

Needs updates

This list is for things that I have done some work on, but feel are incomplete/incorrect in some ways.

  • Which raw groups to credit - this guideline needs to be updated with both new groups that people encounter as well as find out about the unknown groups in the list.
  • Mylist - fixed most of the descriptions for mylist, but the description about the reviews column needs to be updated - by someone who knows about it.
  • Mylist export - this will need updating when new templates gets added or old ones gets changed. Hopefully I will not need to keep track of this myself though.
  • FAQ - as the DB changes questions will change with it, so need to keep track of the support forum for this.
  • Mainichi Awards - when new banners are submitted in the forum, add to the wikipage.


This list is just to help me keep track of what I've actually worked on, so I won't bother much with it in the future

  • Search - might need a bit of updating talking about spaces - refer to Main.
  • Adv. Search - this might need a little more descriptive text for the title search, but not enough to put it in the "needs updates" list.
  • AniDB:Ed2k-hash - fixed the description of what a hash actually is.
  • MyPlace - the MyReviews section might need a bit of tweaking - I don't really know about that section as I haven't written any reviews.
  • Content:Groups - added parent groups section.
  • Content:Edit - added text about companies, categories, relations and titles.
  • AnimeReactor Community Awards - 2003 - fixed.
  • Groupentries - added ... everything.
  • Votes - Votes: Anime - Votes: Anime: Temp - Votes: Anime: Group - Votes: Groups - Votes: Episodes - moved vote guidelines and level granularity/descriptions to Votes, and added the text to temp, group, group-per-anime and episode votes.
  • IRC:Rar - with (obviously) help from Rar.
  • Relations - fixed this up nicely imo.
  • Content:Titles - explained properly exactly where and how you can change/add titles. not sure about the "non-us-ascii" encoding part though - hopefully someone with knowledge will either correct or leave as it is.
  • Anime Calendar.
  • Files:Lame files - described better what lame files are and what to do about them.
  • Mass update - described how the mass update function works - I still used the update template because Der Idiot seemed to have a specific thought on when to say "ed2k-link" and when to say "ed2k-hash" ... I have no idea when we should use what, so someone who feels confident about that should update it if necessary.
  • Mylist reports - described what they are, and how they work, and which ones you can choose from as well as indepth information about the individual reports.
  • How to add/remove: Files: Subtitles - fixed this up somewhat good - most of the info was already there, but not in a very userfriendly format. hope this is better.
  • Shortlinks - wrote about how to use them and what different kinds there are. might need updating to tell users how to actually find a aid/fid/eid/gid/uid/whateverid... but I'll leave that for someone else or a rainy day when I have nothing better to do.
  • Profile#Layout_Options - fixed this up slightly: fixed order, added an option, hid an option that I couldn't see and wasn't marked as mod-only.
  • Review_comments#Reacting_to_comments - added some thoughts on this from what I gathered from this forum thread:
  • My dbentries - described this page.
  • Up2date - described what up2date is and how to use it.
  • Shadow Files - basic description of what they are and why they're needed for those who aren't familiar with the subject. I thought this would be better than to just tell them to search the forum every time. Hope I didn't miss(understand) anything.
  • How to get UTF-8 to work with mIRC - described what nees to be done and how to do it.


A couple of categories that I've added descriptions to. List is mostly to keep me from treading the same water again.

  • Categories:Genre:Hentai - these will be moved/removed when the categories gets revamped.
  • Categories:Genre:Mystery - the Conspiracy description.
  • Categories:Genre:SciFi - basically all of it. Need to update the Robot Helpers section though. I have no idea what that is.
  • Categories:Setting - this one is probably like it should be. We'll see after the revamp.
  • Categories:Setting:Time - alot of things about this will probably change. Need to update the WWI section as I didn't know any animes that take place during WWI.
  • Categories:Comedy - expanded on the original description and added descriptions for the subgenres. Need examples of satires though.
  • Categories:Genre:Drama - expanded on the drama definition and the angst definition - would have done more, but I felt the category needed too much work before I felt comfortable adding more work.


If there is something you think needs doing on the wiki, don't hesitate to ask me for it in my User Talk section or on IRC. It is likely I will do it eventually because even if I have a number of things on my todo-list, I prefer having things to choose from, it will be less boring that way ^^;.