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In groupentries you can see a lot of information about every group that is added to AniDB, it lists their names as well as shortnames, their homepages and IRC channels.



This lists the group's name.

Example: The Hawks

Short Name

Here you have the group's shortname - what you usually find as tags in the files the group has released.

Example: haWks


In this field you will see the homepage of the group, if it has one.

Note If the group homepage is a tracker, it will not be linked from AniDB. We will try to find an alternate webpage to link to instead, such as a forum or something similar. See the Creq Guideline.


If the group has a public e-mail address listed, you will find it here.


Here you will find the group's IRC channel if it has one, and if you need a key in order to get into the channel, that will also be listed here if it is available. It will be listed as a clickable link which you can just click so long as your IRC client supports that. The most common ones, such as mIRC do. If your IRC client does not support it, you can just enter the info in your IRC client manually.


In this example, you would connect to the Rizon IRC network at, and join the channel #Hawks.

If you need more help regarding IRC, I suggest you take a look at this FAQ.


This will display how good other people think this group is, from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). In parenthesis after the groupname it will display how many people have actually voted for this group. If it is just a few people, take the number with a grain of salt.

Example: 5.11 (34 votes)

Also see: Votes:Groups.


Here you will find a brief description of the group; hopefully it will have useful information, such as primary subbing language or other special qualifications. AniDB is not perfect however, so there may be nonsensical entries at times. If you find one of these, please feel free to add a creq for it.

Example: Small group, mainly manga, don't abuse fserves.

Parent Groups

If the group was formed from other groups, those groups will be listed here, with links that you can click to get those groups' information.

Sub Groups

If this group has joined with another group or some members have split from the group to form a new one, those groupnames with links will be listed here.

Example: [Ronin&Hawks] Ronin Fansubs & The Hawks

Subbed Anime

In this section there will be a list of all the anime the group has subbed, and some general information about the groups releases for each anime.


This is the name of an anime the group has released a file for and a link to the anime entry for that anime.


This is how many episodes the anime has.


This is how many episodes the group has released a file for.


This shows if a groups releases for an anime is ongoing/stalled/dropped/finished/complete. Also see Groupentries:Status.


This shows a group's rating for this particular anime. I.e. how good this group's release of the anime is, not how good the anime is. That is listed in the anime entry. Also see Votes:Animegroups.


This shows the last episode the group released for a particular anime with a link to the episode-info for that episode.


This shows the date the last file was released for this anime from this group.