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What is AniDB?

AniDB stands for Anime DataBase. AniDB is a non-profit anime database that is open freely to the public. This means that all users have the ability to add or edit information on AniDB. Although there are many features available to registered users, AniDB's mission has three main objectives:

  • AniDB contains information about all Japanese anime (TV series, OVA, movies, etc.) that can be accessed through the Animelist. AniDB considers "anime" as an animated, professionally produced, feature work created by a Japanese staff for the Japanese market. There are exceptions, but that is the general rule, for a detailed discussion take a look at the definition. Since AniDB is open for everyone, everyone is able to add or edit series, episodes, specials, or any other type of information that is or is not yet in the database. This allows users the freedom to shape AniDB's anime information to become the best it can be.
  • With AniDB you can create and maintain your own personal anime list called a MyList. Never again will you have problems with notepad, Excel, Access or whatever programs you previously used in order to maintain a list of the anime you have or haven't seen. By adding files, any user can begin creating their own MyList once they have registered an account. Once a user enters what anime he/she has watched and voted on, AniDB's Anime Hint can suggest anime he/she may be interested in, based on how that user previously voted. There are many features and utilities available to provide users with an easier and more productive way to maintain their MyList of anime.
  • AniDB contains information about all anime related files floating on the Internet. Users are able to freely add new file information or modify information of existing files. There are no files available for download from AniDB nor will its staff encourage any form of direct downloading or streaming at AniDB or its forum. However, any registered user can find useful hashes, video/audio related information, and other types of information on files entered by other users.

AniDB has been shaped and will always be maintained and shaped by registered users and is constantly changing. With your input and feedback, future features and revisions of the database will transform AniDB to be the most informative anime database on the Internet.

How do I access the database?

Web/CGI Interface

The main way to access the database is through the website AniDB Website ( For details on the web interface go to Category:Interface.

IRC (Chii & Lafiel)

IRC:Chii & IRC:Lafiel

Client Applications

AniDB O'Matic & WebAOM

What is there besides the database?

Main Web/CGI Interface

Available at AniDB Website ( For details on the web interface go to Category:Interface.


You can find many members and moderators online at #anidb as well as access Chii[AR].


There is a forum where you can ask for help, request changes in the database or have discussions about anime.


If you find a bug or want a new feature in the database you can visit the Bugtracker.


Feel free to add or update content in this wiki.


Initially, AniDB was a personal project of AnimeReactor, available only to its members. The concept spawned from the tiresome task of keeping track of anime series or movies they currently had or previously had seen or bought. Many members kept track of their collections by using spreadsheets or even notepad. AniDB was the resulting, universal way to keep track of their anime collection.

Around the end of 2002, AniDB opened to the public. Instead of being a personal, AnimeReactor-member-only database, everyone is now able to freely contribute to AniDB. By adding missing titles, episodes, and other missing information to AniDB, all users can shape AniDB into the perfect anime information database all anime fans have been searching for. AniDB has flourished ever since.