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What anime should I watch next?

AniDB provides three easy facilities for recommending anime to users:

Anime Hint

  • You need to have a MyList, and have voted for 30 or more anime before the last routine maintenance.
  • Suggestions are automated, based on a range of tweakable parameters.

The Anime Recommendations Database

  • These are hand-created links between similar anime, with short explanations, on the Anime Planet website.
  • Not all AniDB entries have a corresponding AniRec entry.
  • To make recs yourself or add a new entry, see the Anime Planet forum.


  • You can add anime you've recently watched to your recommendations list with a short comment.
  • Recommendations are then shared among your buddies.
  • This system is meant to support you in finding new, popular shows. For all time favourites votes should be used.

Other possibilities

There are are also other ways you might find something interesting:

Types of anime

If you want anime with a certain style or theme, browse AniDB by category.

General recommendations

Japanese animation awards:


Fan averages:

Reading reviews

All anime in AniDB can have user-submitted reviews - after reading them feel free to use the review comments system to give feedback. For other websites with reviews, see the links under Recommended Links#Anime Reviews.

Asking people

If you must ask people on a forum or IRC for recommendations, it's impossible to give useful answers without knowing what kind of thing you like. First check your profile to make sure your MyList and votes are publicly visible. Then on the forum give a link to your MyList like this: [mylist:YOUR_UID_HERE:my MyList] - or for IRC use this: http://anidb.net/uYOUR_UID_HERE - replacing "YOUR_UID_HERE" with your user ID (UID). You can find your UID number in parentheses after your nick in your MyPlace. This should give people a rough idea of the kind of anime you like.