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Info Pages

Sites with information on a wide range of anime.


Sites for discussing anime to death.

Anime Reviews

Sites to read about the opinions of others on anime.


Sites about slow frame rate anime.

Image Hosting

Sites that provide free image hosting, useful if you need to upload a screenshot of something.

Linking AniDB

Feel free to link to the AniDB mainpage or directly to any AniDB entry. However, please do not link to any images hosted on AniDB (i.e. anime images) - it's easy to take the image and upload it to a free image hosting site.

There are some handy shortcuts for linking the main entries, like anime, in neat short urls. Rather than linking the perl script with the relevant parameters:

You can take the entry ID and make a neat little link:

These work for anime entries, episodes and so on, see shortlinks for more.