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The information on this page is incomplete and may not be of much use.
If you can, please help by adding to it.

What is the idea?

The My Recommendations feature of AniDB allows you to keep track of recent and popular shows. It is not meant to represent an all time favourites list. It is tightly coupled to your Buddy List. You will only see recommendations which were issued by your buddies or their buddies.

How does it work?

Your My Recommendations page is a queue which will only retain the last 10 recommendations you add. You can't change the order of the recommendations nor can you recommend the same anime multiple times. This is meant to underline the purpose of the My Recommendations feature as a short term, "what's hot" recommendation list.

Whenever you have started to watch a new show which seems very promising or when you've finished a show which you really enjoyed you can use the "recommend" link near the wish list options on the anime page to recommend this show to your buddies. You should add a small comment describing what you liked about the show and specify whether it is a general recommendation, a must see show or only something for fans of the genre.

You can always check your buddy's latest recommendations on the latest tab of the My Recommendations page. You will only see recommendations of shows of which you have not yet seen any normal episode (shows which are in your MyList, but are still completely unwatched are not filtered out, specials are ignored).

If you're interested in to see the latest recommendations of all AniDB users, you can go to the Recommendations tab of the Latest Additions Page.


There is currently no implementation for the weighted evaluation of your buddies (and their buddies) recommendations. If you have suggestions on how to best do this, feel free to add your comments.


  • Implement some kind of algorithm which transitively traverses the network of buddies which are marked as having same taste?
  • Weight anime by the number of people who have recommended it? Sort by weight?
  • Display recommended anime with image and the key data (as they are shown on the anime calendar page).
  • Display comments below each anime, includes user avatar image.