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The Main button takes you back to the Main page (if you aren't already there), where you will see site-wide news, explanations about the site, FAQs and statistics about anime, files, users and groups. Pay attention to the news because scheduled down times and updates for the site are announced there. The statistics on the right are clickable, meaning that you can click on an anime-title or a group-name and be redirected to the page with the info related to it.

You're at the main page, now what can you do with it?

First of all, you should know that AniDB is based on file indexes. So, while you can e.g. vote for anime like on other sites, many features are centred on files.

The appearance of the main page depends on whether you're registered or not.

The success of AniDB is largely based on its collaborative style, lowering the work of the few moderators and letting people help with the maintenance of the database. So, we encourage you to register and help us build the best database of anime available on the net.

On the main page you will notice various areas

  • The header is simply for decoration and has no functionality so far. There is a discussion about the third girl shown there, if you know her let us know. ;)
  • Below the header and to the right you will see a box where you can input strings to search for. This search is done over the list of anime titles as well as the known aliases and short names for it (searching for Kanji is not supported yet). Please note that spaces are taken into account, meaning that "Onegai " (without the quotation marks) will bring titles that have "Onegai" followed by a space in their name. Spaces before and after strings are NOT removed. Additionally, only matches for the full string are returned.
Hint When viewing the grouplist, the search will return the according groups.
  • Also below the header, in the middle, you will see the title of the section you're in, or any other message you should be aware of (like an error).
  • To the left, there is a navigation menu with a set of features. See below for a detailed overview of the links only available when being logged in. You can click on any of them to visit the according section. At the lower end of this navigation bar, you can find the login and sign-up section. When having signed up and before logging in, don't forget to click the "remember" option if you don't want to login each time you open the site. Also don't forget to enable cookies for the site in your browser, see Support: Help! Login doesn't work.