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# '''Transcription title''': If the foreign portion is "otherwise ignored", it is excluded from the transcription. "Otherwise ignored" refers to, but is not limited to references to the anime: on websites, in the media, in the Japanese trailer.
## In the Main/Transcription title, do not transcribe the foreign language tagline if the foreign language tagline is simply a '''translation''' (e.g. ''"{{short|a9541|進撃の巨人 attack on titan}}"'' is transcribed only to ''"Shingeki no Kyojin"'') '''OR''' a '''transcription''' (e.g. ''"{{short|a9875|キルラキル KILL la KILL}}"'' is transcribed to only ''"Kill la Kill"'') of the CJK title.
## Otherwise, add the foreign language tagline to the Main/Transcription title; e.g. ''"{{short|a8370|神様のメモ帳 It`s the only NEET thing to do}}"'' is transcribed to ''"Kamisama no Memo-chou: It`s the Only NEET Thing to Do."''..


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