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> Group released both www and BD rips, using different groups' releases as source for each.</pre>
=====-- Other Reencode Re-encode Groups=====The following are common with other reencode re-encode groups.<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Subs: [Senketsu Subs]. Raws: [Zero-Raws] (reencodedre-encoded).> If a reencode re-encode uses multiple sources, then the note becomes similar to a typical non-reencode releasenote, except with the "(reencodedre-encoded)" note on part at the end of the "RawRaws" credit.</pre>
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;"><<Anything Deadfish, where Deadfish has multiple versions of files with multiple sources>>
> ... ask CDB-Man or Deth93. Try to note the groups in order of appearance, as well as keep the ep number/range before version number, e.g. (ep 1 v1), (ep 2-3 v2), (ep 4-5, 6 v3-4), etc.</pre>
====Uncommon and Complex Cases====


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