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See also this (outdated) page with AniDB definitions of anime types: [[Anime_Type|Anime Type]]
==EpisodesAiring Dates=====General Guidance===Generally, the Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Asian air date is the first and most precise airing/release date worldwidefor both individual episodes and the anime as a whole. Check the official Asian page, [ allcinema], the [ Japanese TV Guide] (explained [[TV schedule|here]]), or other pages [[Where to find release-dates for Anime|listed here]].
The Western air date should only be used if the Western airing is '''materially earlier''' than the Asian one. Otherwise, use the air date in the home market. For example:
* When the Western TV premier is 3 months earlier than the Japanese release, use the earlier Western date. For example, {{short|a12023|FLCL Progressive}} first aired on US channel Adult Swim's Toonami block as a 6-episode series from 03.06.2018 till 07.07.2018. It did not air in Japan until 28.09.2018, where it was released in a movie format.
==First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release=Number of Episodes===Those The above-mentioned sources are usually the first and most precise air/release dates worldwideaccurate when it comes to the correct episode count. Most In most cases, the AniDB entry should reflect the number of episodes for the time it's Japaneseoriginal home market. Check If the official Asian pageairing in another market has remixed or re-cut the episodes, [http://calthe home market cut should prevail.syoboi* For example, the US release of {{Short|a1530|Dragon Ball Z}} condensed the first 80 episodes from the Japanese airing into 65 episodes for the US airing; this is informally referred to as a "US chopjob".jp The Japanese TV Guide] (explained [[TV schedule|here]]) or other pages [[Where to find episode count and airing dates would override, as Japan is both the first-release-dates market and the home market for Anime|listed here]]the anime.
===First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release on the Anime Entry===Indefinite dates, with day or month given as ??, are accepted when there is no other accurate release date available worldwide. Typically, this is used when the anime is first announced and the precise airing dates have not yet been defined.
:''Examples:'' <tt>??.10.2006</tt> for some time in October 2006, <tt>??.??.1954</tt> for some time in 1954.
{{eyecatch|Note|Adding an anime without a start date will not be accepted.}}
====1st Airings at Special Events====
Where the 1st air date is a special airing, i.e. a pre-screening, we generally use this as the air date, given that this is the 1st worldwide release. However, if the special airing is '''extremely limited''' (for example, a one-off airing on a Japan airlines flight), this would generally not be used as a 1st air date. '''Discretion should be used on a case-by-case basis!''' See Adv. User subforum discussion for details [ here.]
{{eyecatch|Important|'''Discretion should be used on a case-by-case basis!'''}}


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