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We also ask you to include as much info as possible when adding a new anime, it's for all users' benefit.
== Where can I add Anime? ==
You can find the {{AniDBLink|addanime|add anime}} link at the bottom of the [[animelist]] or [[MyList]]. Once you click it you're on the "Add Anime" page. There's a lot of info you can input here.
==Basic Info==
...which should be included when adding an anime.
===Anime Title===
The Anime Title is the "main title" that AniDB associates with the anime entry. In most cases, this is the Japanese/Korean/Chinese transcription of the official original-language title.<br>
Please also read our [[AniDB Definition:Romanisation|Japanese Romanisation]] Guideline for further assistance with transcribing Japanese.<br>
Please read our [[Content:Titles|Titling policy page]] for additional details and explanations regarding all titling issues.
Check the official Japanese(!) page or [ allcinema].<br>
Sometimes OVAs are shown on Pay-TV before they are get sold (PPV). Those are to be added as TV and not OVA(!), since only the first airing counts!
See also this (outdated) page with AniDB definitions of anime types: [[Anime_Type|Anime Type]]
Generally, the Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Asian air date is the first and most precise airing/release date worldwide. Check the official Asian page, [ allcinema], the [ Japanese TV Guide] (explained [[TV schedule|here]]), or other pages [[Where to find release-dates for Anime|listed here]].
* When the Western TV premier is 3 months earlier than the Japanese release, use the earlier Western date. For example, {{short|a12023|FLCL Progressive}} first aired on US channel Adult Swim's Toonami block as a 6-episode series from 03.06.2018 till 07.07.2018. It did not air in Japan until 28.09.2018, where it was released in a movie format.
===First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release===
Those are the first and most precise air/release dates worldwide. Most of the time it's Japanese. Check the official Asian page, [ Japanese TV Guide] (explained [[TV schedule|here]]) or other pages [[Where to find release-dates for Anime|listed here]].
{{eyecatch|Note|Adding an anime without a start date will not be accepted.}}
====1st Airings at Special Events====
Where the 1st air date is a special airing, i.e. a pre-screening, we generally use this as the air date, given that this is the 1st worldwide release. However, if the special airing is '''extremely limited''' (for example, a one-off airing on a Japan airlines flight), this would generally not be used as a 1st air date. '''Discretion should be used on a case-by-case basis!''' See Adv. User subforum discussion for details [ here.]
{{eyecatch|Important|'''Discretion should be used on a case-by-case basis!'''}}
The image ID field allows you to add a picture for this anime. It will be displayed together with the anime information. You must first download picture to your local disk and then use the [ Pic Upload Function] to transfer it to the AniDB server.
The [ Pic Upload Function] generates short image IDs, which look like xxx.jpg (xxx is a number). After uploading a picture copy this ID as-is into the PIC ID field.
:* There is no size limit, but the picture should stay under 100KB, if possible.
=== Description ===
:* This should be a short summary of the anime in '''British English'''.
:* Preferable with as little spoilers as possible.
{{eyecatch|1|Note|In case someone finds a '''better''' description, any previous description may well be replaced.}}
==== About highlighting text ====
As the following sections will show highlighting of words/text in the description of an anime should be done very very sparingly. Several important pointers:
:** Please completely '''avoid using <u>underline</u>''' in any part of the description. This text style is not required, and IMO ([[User:foo2|foo2]]) is ugly.
==== Description layout ====
* <'''Based on''' (optional)>
<empty line>
{{eyecatchLight|1|Example|A good real-world example for the described layout above can be found for the anime: {{a|6465|Ookami to Kohaku-iro no Yuuutsu}}.}}
==== Based on ====
If you have information on what the anime was '''based on''' (e.g. manga or game), then add a line at the top of the description by prefixing it with the '''*''' (asterisk) character. Be sure to highlight names, or when possible link these names. See ''{{a|621|D.N. Angel}}'' and ''{{a|6257|K-On!}}'' as examples:
* Based on a shoujo manga series by <font color=green>[url=<nowiki></nowiki>'''cr'''6367]</font>Sugisaki Yukiru{{colour|green|[/url]}},
{{eyecatchLight|1|Highlighting|Please use '''''italics''''' (<tt>[i]...[/i]</tt> tags) to highlight '''names''' in the "Based on" section that do '''not''' have link information available!}}
==== Anime spoiler-free description text ====
Try to write a concise "appetizer" for the animation, that describes the story without giving away spoiler-related content. There are several sources for such descriptions: Use the official R1 DVD descriptions (preferred on AniDB), or you could write one yourself, or you could simply copy 'n' paste an existing description from one of many anime sites, or from Wikipedia.
{{eyecatchLight|1|Important|When copying content always credit the source, and also make doubly sure that you are actually allowed to copy the content! For the English Wikipedia this is usually OK.}}
{{eyecatchLight|1|Avoid breaking<br>the 4th Wall|Please try to avoid "Breaking the 4th Wall" when writing the description of the anime, i.e. avoid adding info that cannot be know by the characters *in* the anime world. Typical phrases like "the main character is", "the story centres on", or "the series continues the adventures of <anime name>" are usually redundant anyway. Of course the story "centres on", otherwise that part of the description would be irrelevant. Such phrases irritate the reader, who is trying to follow the character setup and plot of the anime.<br>Info about e.g. series continuation should only be placed in the '''note''' section if the viewer '''needs''' to know of the previous anime to understand the current one.}}
==== Crediting the source of the description ====
As mentioned there are several possible sources for an anime description. Always place this source line in '''''italics''''' to separate it from the main description text. Here is how to credit them:
* The best way is to use the '''official R1 DVD''' descriptions in which case you do not need to give credits.
:For example: ''Source: ANN'' (use the <tt>[i][/i]</tt> tags for italics).
==== Additional Note ====
At times there is information pertaining to an anime that does not fit the "based on" (origin) or "description" (story) sections. This content should be placed in the "note" section. Always place such a note in '''''italics''''' to separate it from the main description text.
{{eyecatchLight|1|Note|Other information to place here: special versions of the anime available (packaged with), details on the release format, early screenings, release dates (only if pertinent), awards won, general information putting the anime in context, number of initially planned episodes, why the anime was cancelled and where (if at all) it was continued...}}
==Optional Info=====URL===
Enter the URL of the official Japanese(!) page here. You may add the official English page, if you are unable to find the Japanese one. Please do not add any unofficial or fan pages.
===ANN (Anime News Network) ID/URL===
Visit the [ ANN] page for this anime and copy the link to the entry in this field.
===AnimeNfo URL===
Visit the [ AnimeNfo] page for this anime and copy the link to the entry in this field.
===allcinema URL===
Visit the [ allcinema] page for this anime and copy the link to the entry in this field.
New anime entries first need an approval by a mod before they are added to AniDB. You can see the status of your addition once you click on the '''[[MyCreqs|my creqs]]''' link in the left menu.


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