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What is it?

The Buddy List is an AniDB feature which allows you to tell AniDB who you consider to be your friends.

Being marked as buddies has several implications:

  • The special "Buddy" permission set from your Profile options is applied for buddies. That means that you can give more rights to your buddies than to normal AniDB members.
  • As buddies you can add anime to each others My wishlists. Simply click on the "buddy" link near the wish list options on the anime page.
  • You will be able to see each others MyRecommendations.

How it works

Simply go to the Buddy List page and enter the username or uid of the person you want to add in the "Add buddy" form. The other person will have to accept your request before it becomes active. Pending requests can also be seen and granted/rejected on this page.

Note The buddy relation is asymmetric by default, meaning that by adding someone else as a buddy, you will not automatically be added to their buddy list too.