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====Results or "It seems Anison found something but I have no idea what the fields mean!?"====
If your search was successful Anison will you show you a little table with more than just one clickable field. Let's take [[ Asterisk]], one of [[ Bleach]]'s Opening Songs as a reference for explaining the different search results of each search method.
{{Eyecatch|1|Hint 5|All Nearly all columns are sortable, just click on themto find out}}
=====Results for 作品=====
As explained before, this field is used to search for the Anime. As a search string let's insert "Bleach". This will give us 18 results - one of them is our desired destination.<br>
The ''Production Name'' column lists the original names of the medium it derives.
The B'''roadcasting Broadcasting or Televising''' column shows the date the medium has been shown first.
-- Now just click on the correct link and you will be sent to Anison's Anime Page --
=====Results for 人物=====
As we know the performers of our song are Orange Range, this is also what we enter as a search string. <br>
The result differs from the other pages as there are no columns present. All you will find are names of people that have a connection to your search. This time it's the band's name and the names of all band members (present and previous).
-- Now just click on the band's name and you will be taken to their Anison page --
=====Results for 音源=====
Using the Anime's name is always a good choice to find what you want in this field. In our case we insert "BLEACH" once more and chose the fourth search option.<br>
This time the results are overwhelming 176 different mediums. The five columns are ジャンル (Genre), 使用作品 ("used in:"), メディア (Media), 型番 (Catalog Number) and タイトル (Title).<br>


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