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* ラジオ (Radio)
The ''''Production Name'''' column lists the original names of the medium it derives.
The '''Broadcasting or Televising''' column shows the date the medium has been shown first.
Using the Anime's name is always a good choice to find what you want in this field. In our case we insert "BLEACH" once more and chose the fourth search option.<br>
This time the results are overwhelming 176 different mediums. The five columns are ジャンル (Genre), 使用作品 ("used in:"), メディア (Media), 型番 (Catalog Number) and タイトル (Title).<br>
The Genre column is the same as before, just like the next column.
The third colum, Media, is new. Results are for example:
* マキシシングル (Maxi Single)
* アルバム (Album)
If you couldn't guess already, this column tells you what medium the "thing" is on that the fifth column indexes.
The fourth column, Catalog Number, is self-explanatory as well.
The last column tells you the name of the medium, be it album, single, DVD or game.
-- Now just click on the medium in the fifth column you were looking for and you will be taken to its Anison page --
===How do I interpret the specific results?===
Whenever you clicked before on your desired link, you landed on another different page, which was more specific for your needs. But the language still didn't change...
====Anime Page====
====Song Page====
====Album Page====
====People/Band/Performer Pages====


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