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As explained before, this field is used to search for the Anime. As a search string let's insert "Bleach". This will give us 18 results - one of them is our desired destination.<br>
There are three columns: ジャンル (Genre), 作品名 (Sakuhin'na - Production Name) and 放映年 (Houei Nen - Broadcasting Year). <br>
The '''Genre ''' column gives you for example:
* テレビアニメーション (Television Animation)
* 劇場用アニメーション (Theater Animation)
* ラジオ (Radio)
The ''Production Name '' column lists the original namesof the medium it derives.
The Broadcasting B'''roadcasting or Televising ''' column shows the date the medium has been shown first.
-- Now just click on the correct link and you will be sent to Anison's Anime Page --
=====Results for 曲=====
This time we insert the song's name "*~アスタリスク~" in the search field and get a table with this time five columns: 曲名 (Kiyokuna - Name of the Piece of Music), 歌手名 (Kashuna - Name of the Singer/Performer), ジャンル (Genre (for example TV or GM (Game Music)), 使用作品 (could be seen as "used in:") and 種別 (Classification).<br>
For "*~アスタリスク~" we got three results: two with the exact same string and a third one with an additional bracket (this time it's "Asterisk (Album Version)") in the first column. So this one lists the song's names.
The second one lists the performer. In this case all three are the same (just try to look for a song with such a generic name as "Yakusoku" (約束) and you will have more "choice").
The Genre column shows that two of the songs derive from an Anime (TV) and one from a game (GM).
As said before, the fourth column could be read as "used in:". Our "Asterisk" has been used in BLEACH and Bleach: Hit the Soul.
The last column specifies the usage. We got OP 1, OP (for the game) and AR (a kind of remix or other version of the original Asterisk).
-- Now just click on the correct song name and you will be taken to the Song's page --
=====Results for 人物=====
=====Results for 音源=====


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