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Basic info you should include when adding a group


Name of the group.

Example: AnimeOne

TODO: insert something about {} curly brackets in the fullname to reflect "other" tags and "previously used" tags. They should also be added to the description.
TODO: informal policy when there's fullname collisions; such as tomodachi (g6264) / tomodachi-AB (g13329) where we append something to the end.
TODO: consider rearranging the ordering of rules in the next section


The tag the group uses in the filenames of their releases.

Example: AonE (from [AonE]_Fate_stay_night_01_[230C0048].avi for instance)

This is straightforward in most cases as groups generally stick to a single tag. However, the rules below should also be taken into account if that is not true.

  1. If the group does not utilize a tag at all, set the shortname to be the same as the group's full name.
  2. If the group uses or has used multiple tags:
    1. When the group has used one tag consistently and then permanently switches to use another tag, set this field to the most recent tag used. Include the previously used tags in the group description as well.
      Example: FFFpeeps permanently switched tags from [FFFpeeps] to just [FFF], so the latter should be used.
    2. When the group utilizes multiple tags concurrently in short term only, use the tag matching the group's full name and document the actually used tags in each release's anime-group notes.
      Example: Teru-chan uses mainly [Teru-chan], but also [Awa-chin], [Sumire-san] and [Sumire-kun] for some of their releases. [Teru-chan] should be used and assumed wherever a different tag isn't specified in the anime-group note.
      1. If one or more of the alternate tags seem like unintentional variations (i.e. typos), they can be ignored.
        Example: Asuka Subs used the tag [Asuka-subs] in the past, and during that period, released a few files tagged with [Auska-subs] instead.
    3. When the group has a sizable long-running subproject with its own name, the subproject should have its separate group entry and thus should be ignored for determining the parent group's shortname.
      Example: DameDesuYo has a Blu-ray encoding subproject called BlurayDesuYo ; don't change the former's shortname to anything used by the latter.
    4. When the group seems to just use tags randomly, ignore the one-off tags and set to the most frequently used one, to the group's full name, or ask a moderator.
      Example: Spring Animes 2018 HD tagged each episode of their Fall 2018 season releases with a different tag, so the earlier used consistent tag [SA18HD] was kept instead.

If another group that already exists in the database has the same shortname, you can also check the "Has Duplicate?" checkbox for the entry. The site will then disambiguate the group from the other groups by also including the full name in contexts where only the shortname would be ordinarily used. Don't worry if you forget to do so, though; this duplicate shortname status is periodically updated for all groups automatically.