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This article serves as a general guide for tagging colours on AniDB, based on an archive of representative past decisions.

This guide is by no means complete, and will be updated as guidelines are revised on an ongoing basis. This may include potential reversal of previous decisions.

For specific concerns, ask CDB-Man or Hinoe, or issue a creq on the tag-entity relation at hand.

Specific Colours

Purple/Pink Boundary

Carnation pink

#FFA6C9 Carnation pink: tag as pink.

Blue/Purple Boundary


#CCCCFF Periwinkle: tag as blue or purple, but generally leans slightly blue.

Pale lavender

#DCD0FF Pale lavender: tag as purple.

Medium purple / deep lavender

#9370DB Medium purple / deep lavender: tag as purple.

Lavender purple / Purple mountain majesty

#9678B6 Lavender purple / Purple mountain majesty: tag as purple.


#B57EDC Lavender: tag as purple.