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The Url to Pic PIC ID allows you to add a picture for this animegroup. It will be displayed together with the anime group info. You can To add it, first you have to use the [ Upload a Pic] function to upload a picture directly from your HDD to the AniDB server.You could enter a complete URL to a picture here, but the previous method is preferred, because it ensures that the pic stays available and is loaded directly from our server. The function generates short image names IDs such as 1234.jpg. After uploading a picture, copy this imagename image ID as-is into the URL to Pic PIC ID field (don't add <nowiki>http://</nowiki> or anything).<br>* the The recommended size for pictures is 300x400.* donDon't use animated pics.* there There is no size limit, but the picture should stay under 100KB, if possible.
If the pic is a banner with a size of 500x200 the suggested solution besides resizing is to rotate it by 90°!


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