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If you want to ask something about my edits or additions, you can find me online on ICQ. UIN is 11506871. I run it only on work, so I'm online at work days between 11:00 and 19:00 MSK (that's GMT+3 in winter and GMT+4 in summer). I often stay on work up to 23:30 though. Since IM I use (Miranda) also have minimal IRC interface, recently I also appear on #anidb channel sometimes. Just send me private message or mention "rowaasr13" anywhere in text when I'm there to trigger alert and get my atention.


Genco are given the プロデューサー credit for quite a lot of JC work - not added ATM as it's generally for individuals. 製作 is Eiken Prod. Com. of course. --Rar 13:40, 8 Jun 2005 (CEST)
  • Add all ep. titles for EDENs BOwY.
  • Ep. and producer data for Re:CUTIE HONEY.
  • Company data for Shamanic Princess.
  • Kanji/romaji name for ep. 8 in Gokusen
  • Check CREQ ID# 147158 .
  • Add 3-5 ep. names for Kannadzuki no Miko (need to check romaji first).
  • Dump data for Suppuration -core- and set checksum state accordingly. Official correct checksum: 6A374B26.
  • AC -> AH/AC in SDKyo that I have.

In progress:

  • Godannar merge and ep. numbering.
  • Company data for AIR. (Main players added. What's left is only to check all eps for 協力).


  • Company data for Kannadzuki no Miko (add ref creq num.)
  • Company data for Genshiken: CREQ ID# 152213
  • Company data for Bleach: CREQ ID# 154809
  • Company data for SG RBHS (協力 コミックハウス not added yet - no type): CREQ ID# 164965 .