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==You know a group that's not listed...==
AniDB is a user driven database and every user can add new groups. So if you know a group that's not yet in AniDB, we encourage you to add it. We also ask you to include as much info as possible when adding a new group, it's for all users' benefit.
==Where can I add groups?==
You can find the [{{AniDBLink|addgroup |add group] }} link at the bottom of the [[grouplist]]. Once you click it you're on the "Add Group" page. There's a lot of info you can input here.
==Basic info you should include when adding a group==
Name of the group.<br>
<i>''for example: AnimeOne</i>''
The tag of the group.<br><i>''for example: AonE<'' ==Animegroup Release Note Comments==The Animegroup release note comments are used to provide information on a group's particular release of a given anime. The most common information here would be credit/attribution for original sources, such as if the subtitles are from another group's work, or if a specific group's raws were used. Please see [[Groupentries:Status#Animegroup Release Note Comments|Animegroup Release Note Comments]] for more details as to how to edit/i>insert these notes, and how the notes should be formatted.
== Optional Info ==
A link to the group's website. Do '''not''' enter their BT BitTorrent tracker , their user page on any public torrent tracker, their XDCC file listing page, or any other URL herein the same spirit! For further info refer to our [[AniDB:Creq_Guideline|Creq guideline]].
===Email/IRC data===
The PIC ID allows you to add a picture for this group. It will be displayed together with the group info. To add it, first you have to use the [http://anidb.infonet/cgi-bin/ Upload a Pic] function to upload a picture directly from your HDD to the AniDB server. The function generates short image IDs such as 1234<tt>12345.jpg</tt>. After uploading a picture, copy this image ID as-is into the PIC ''Picture ID '' field.* The recommended size for pictures is 300x400<tt>400x500</tt> (normal) or <tt>500x200</tt> (banner).* There is no size limit, but the picture should stay under <tt>100 KB</tt>, if possible.
* Don't use animated pictures.
* There is no size limit, but the picture should stay under 100KB, if possible.
If the picture is a banner with a size of 500x200 the suggested solution besides resizing is to rotate it by 90°!
Add a short description of the group or other important information, like primary subbing language to this field. No personal comments, please!<br> ===Related Groups===Groups can have group relations to other groups, such as being marked as a child group, parent group, member of a joint release, etc.
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