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==Movies subsequently redistributed in TV series format==
Some anime series are distributed in both a movie and a TV series format with minimal edits between each other, except for the addition of opening and ending segments; the first airing or screening of the anime determines the anime type set on the anime entry as is usual. In case of a movie released also in an episodic format, the episodic version is to be added using a set of O (Other) episodes.
: Example: {{short|a13473|Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Die Neue These (2019)}}
Files for a TV distribution like this are expected to be added into said O episodes. However, to make mylist statistics for said anime to work correctly, it is '''mandatory''' to also assign the file to the episode entry of the relevant movie, using an additional file-episode relation; there is no difference in treatment from the general guidance.


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