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*Parody Episode ''(P1, P2, ...)''
*Other Episode ''(official repackages such as the {{short|a9127|Psycho-Pass New Edit}}, US Chopjobs, certain supportfiles (AC3 modpacks, fontpacks).)'' ''(O1, O2, ...)''
{{eyecatch|Note|"Other" is '''NOTnot''' meant for OST's, Manga, AMV's or any other not official Special!<br>Disc menu animations are also not welcome in AniDB. Please do not add them.}}
==Episode Title==
Extra information about the episode, such as unusual airing arrangements, etc.
{{eyecatch|Note|Do NOT '''not''' use this field to mark "filler" episodes or write general episode summaries!}}
=How to Remove Bad Entries=


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