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→‎General Guidelines: disambiguation rules, mostly taken from
## In the Main/Transcription title, do not transcribe the foreign language tagline if the foreign language tagline is simply a '''translation''' (e.g. ''"{{short|a9541|進撃の巨人 attack on titan}}"'' is transcribed only to ''"Shingeki no Kyojin"'') '''OR''' a '''transcription''' (e.g. ''"{{short|a9875|キルラキル KILL la KILL}}"'' is transcribed to only ''"Kill la Kill"'') of the CJK title.
## Otherwise, add the foreign language tagline to the Main/Transcription title; e.g. ''"{{short|a8370|神様のメモ帳 It`s the only NEET thing to do.}}"'' is transcribed to ''"Kamisama no Memo-chou: It`s the Only NEET Thing to Do."''.
 ===Disambiguation===Sometimes two or more anime get the exact same title. AniDB does not allow multiple anime to have the same title, though, so disambiguation is required. The older anime (the one that has the earlier release date) gets the original title, and the newer anime gets a disambiguation bit at the end. Then: {{eyecatch|Note|Do not '''ever, under any circumstances or for any reason,''' make up your own fake season numbering. Other sites do it, but we don't. Season numbers are given if, and only if, they are already present in the title, such as in the cases of {{short|a12952|Overlord II}} or {{short|a10944|Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2}}.}} # Absolutely do not append anything to the older anime. If both anime have the exact same release date, or it is impossible to tell, just report one of them and let the mod figure it out.# If the two anime are of '''the same type''', then '''append the year''' to the newer anime, '''even if they're released in the same year'''. The year should be '''within parentheses'''.# If the two anime are of '''different types''', then:## If '''the release year is the same''', then '''append the type''' to the newer anime. Unlike the year, the type '''does not take parentheses'''.## If '''the release year is different''', then '''append the year''' to the newer anime. Again, it should be '''within parentheses'''. A few supplementary rules apply if you are trying to disambiguate more than two anime: # If the rule tells you to take the year and it is already taken, try the type. Similarly, if the rule tells you to take the type and it is already taken, try the year. In either case, '''inform the mod of what exactly you are doing''', as there may be a better way to handle the case.# If both type and year are already taken, try both, in the "(Year, Type)" format. Do not use any other formats.# In the highly unlikely event all else fails, just report the entry and a mod will figure out how to best handle the case.


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