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====Do not "state the obvious" when citing sources====
# Do not state the source when the source is highly obvious and/or it is easily figured out; this is done to reduce clutter in release notes.<br>The most common arrangement currently prevalent in fansub groups (the "default arrangement") is as follows. Their sources should not be credited unless it's deemed necessary to do so, such as the use of a source atypical for the fansub group.
## Established English fansub groups (e.g. [FFF], [Commie], [Vivid], [GJM], [DameDesuYo], etc.) almost exclusively use JP BDs and/or DVDs for raws for their non-HDTV, non-www releases.
## Some dual audio release groups focus exclusively on dual audio releases with only official content (e.g. [CBM], [DHD], etc.); JP BDs and/or DVDs are used for raws, with US BDs and/or DVDs used for English audio and English subs.
# If a given group's releases differ from the default arrangement, but the group consistently releases in a given format for a significant portion of their releases, a default note should be added to the group's description '''instead''' of repeating the same note in each of that group's releases. See [[ DmonHiro]]'s group page for an example.


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