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===Foreign Language Portion of Official Japanese(/Korean/Chinese) Title, a.k.a. "Taglines"===
# '''Official language title''': In general, if the official original language title, in the video or otherwise, comes with a foreign language portion, generally (but not always) English, that foreign portion is included in the Official language (Japanese, Chinese, Korean) title.## If the foreign language tagline is otherwise ignored, such as a marketing message or a narration (see the [ Symphogear example]), don't include it in the Official CJK title.## Otherwise, always add the foreign language tagline to the Official CJK title. [ 纳米核心 NANOCORE]# '''Transcription title''': If the foreign portion is "otherwise ignored", it is excluded from the transcription. "Otherwise ignored" refers to, but is not limited to references to the anime: on websites, in the media, in the Japanese trailer.## In the Main/Transcription title, do not transcribe the foreign language tagline if the foreign language tagline is simply a "translation" of the JP title, e.g. "[ キルラキル KILL LA KILL]"## Otherwise, add the foreign language tagline to the Main/Transcription title, e.g. "[ Nami Hexin: Nanocore]".


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