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→‎Possible States: Users can creq state, so it's weird to state only mods set releases to dropped, I don't think I've ever seen unknown state appear, and made a note about incompletely added releases. Made some other, mostly wording, changes as well.
:''The group released at least one file for every episode for a specific anime in AniDB at least 1 file.''
:''The group released at least a one file for the last episode of an anime, but has skipped at least one regular episode completely.''
:''The group hasn't finished/completed this series yet. The release is still ongoing.''
:''The group hasn't released a file for this series for at least 2 two months.''
*'''specials only'''
:''The group released only special Episodesepisodes, but none of the regular episodes.''
:''The group has officially abandoned this project or the group does not exist any moreanymore.:THIS IS THE ONLY STATE SET MANUALLY BY MODS'''This is the only state that should be set manually.'''*'''N/A / unknown'''(not used?):''The state of this release is currently unknown. This should generally be changed automatically to one of the other states within 24h. As of October 2018, it is unknown if this state even used anymore, since state updates happen automatically when files are added independently of the routine maintenance.''{{eyecatch|Note|Ongoing, stalled, finished, specials only and complete are automatically generated states! They're usually not set manually by a mod.}}{{eyecatch|Note|For movies where there are releases recorded as multi-part episode entries (such as [ Princess Mononoke] or [ Hanamonogatari]), state "complete" will be indicated shown as long as a group has released '''at least 1 one file''', regardless of if that file is a "part x" file or the "complete" file. This is '''NOT''' a bug, and this will not be changed.}}{{eyecatch|Note|When requesting an old release to be set to dropped, try to first make sure that all of the files that group released have been added to the database. A release that was completed by the group but was not completely added should not be set to dropped!}}
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