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:''Examples:'' <tt>??.10.2006</tt> for some time in October 2006, <tt>??.??.1954</tt> for some time in 1954.
Be careful with shows that have 24:00 and later air hours - this means that show will air on the night after the specified date.
:''Example:'' Japanese TV schedule says: <tt>01.03.2005 25:30</tt> - this means it aired: 02.03.2005 01:30.
{{eyecatch|Note|Adding an anime without a start date will not be accepted.}}
====Japanese TV Schedule Timestamps====
{{main|Content:Episodes#Japanese TV Schedule Timestamps}}
{{#lsth:Content:Episodes|Japanese TV Schedule Timestamps}}
====1st Airings at Special Events====
Where the 1st air date is a special airing, i.e. a pre-screening, we generally use this as the air date, given that this is the 1st worldwide release. However, if the special airing is '''extremely limited''' (for example, a one-off airing on a Japan airlines flight), this would generally not be used as a 1st air date. '''Discretion should be used on a case-by-case basis!''' See Adv. User subforum discussion for details [ here.]
The image ID field allows you to add a picture for this anime. It will be displayed together with the anime information. You must first download picture to your local disk and then use the [ Pic image uploader, available from the "Upload Function] " button, to transfer it to the AniDB server.The [ Pic Upload Function] image uploader generates short image IDs, which look like xxx.jpg (xxx is a number). After uploading a picture copy in the upload popup, this ID as-is automatically entered into the PIC ID relevant field.:* The recommended maximum allowed size for pictures is 300x400400 by 600 pixels. Horizontal banner form images are also allowed up to 500 by 200 pixels, but you are strongly encouraged to use a vertical image instead whenever possible.
:* Don't use animated pictures.
:* There is no The picture must be less than 150 KB in size limit. If necessary, but lower the JPG quality value in your image editor or utilize tools like [ this JPG optimizer] to meet the picture should stay under 100KB, if possiblerequired limit.


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