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→‎Episodes: clarification between western and asian air dates
Generally, the Japanese/Chinese/Korean/Asian air date is the first airing of an episode. Check the official Japanese(!) /Chinese/Korean page, [ allcinema] or the [ Japanese TV Guide] (explained [[TV schedule|here]]). The Western air date should only be used if the Western airing is '''materially earlier''' than the Asian one. Otherwise, use the air date in the home market. For example:* When the Western simulcast of a Japanese anime is 5 hours earlier, causing a 1-day date mismatch with Japan due to timezones, use the Japanese date.* When the Western TV premier is 3 months earlier than the Japanese release, use the earlier Western date. For example, {{short|a12023|FLCL Progressive}} first aired on US channel Adult Swim's Toonami block as a 6-episode series from 03.06.2018 till 07.07.2018. It did not air in Japan until 28.09.2018, where it was released in a movie format.
===First Aired/Released and Finished Airing/Release===


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