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==Creator Roles on AniDB==
'''===Type: Person -- =======Role: Mangaka/Circle''' - a ====A person who draws manga. The word can be broken down into two parts: manga (漫画) and ka (家). The manga corresponds to the medium of art the artist uses: comics, or Japanese comics, depending on how the term is used inside or outside Japan. The -ka (家) suffix implies a degree of expertise and traditional authorship. For example, this term would not be applied to a writer creating a story which is then handed over to a manga artist for drawing. The Japanese term for such a writer of comics is gensakusha (原作者).
Don't add this role to writers, who don't actually draw manga, meaning novelists (light novels or visual novels included), book writers or screenwriters are not mangaka; mark their role as Producer instead.
==Creator info sources==


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