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If you have neither use: "Episode XX" where XX is the number of the episode. For OVAs, use "Volume XX".
{{eyecatch|Note|Episode "names" such as "Operation 9", "File #002" or "XYZ第一話" or "ABCの第三話" etc. are considered to be stylised episode numbers rather than episode titles. Please do not add them or their transcriptions/translations, use the default "Episode XX" or "Volume XX" naming convention.}}
==="Prologue" and "00" Episodes===
When it comes to episodes that are numbered as "Prologue" or "00", unless there is a clear indication that an "episode 0" should NOT be considered as the first episode of the regular airing sequence, an episode 0 will be considered episode 1 on AniDB, as it is the first aired episode.
When an "episode 0" is considered as episode 1 on AniDB, we will apply the following naming convention, to make it explicit that it is an "episode 0":
<pre>-- "Episode 0: xxxxx: yyyyy - zzzzz",
-- "Episode 00: xxxxx: yyyyy - zzzzz",
-- "Prologue 00: xxxxx: yyyyy - zzzzz",</pre>
Etc, where:
<pre>xxxxx: yyyyy - zzzzzz</pre>
Represents our general title naming convention of:
Main_ep_title: sub_title - sub_sub_title
===Play Length===


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