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Titles are how you identify an anime - there are many different kinds, both official ones and common ones as well as abbreviations. No anime can have have the exact same title as another. The Main Title (the Japanese transcription of the original language title per default settings) is listed at the very top of each [[animeentries|anime entry]], and at the top of the details table next to the image. The rest of the titles are listed with language and title type details. Anyone can add a title to any anime, with the restriction that if there already is an anime with that exact same title, it won't work; please use the [[search]] function to check for overlaps. Anyone can request that a title be edited or removed, but it will have to be approved by a [[User:Mods|mod]], so state a good reason for why you wish it to be edited or removed. [[AniDB:Creq Guideline|More Info...]]


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