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Another anime example for the use of bold type in description.
:** One case where the use of bold words has proven to be useful are '''"compilation" anime''' series that are made up of named, completely separate stories, e.g. by different directors. In this case each story title is set in bold, and the rest of the separate paragraph describes the individual story briefly.
:** When a series is spread over several seasons, it can help e.g. the season two description to repeat (summarize) part of the first seasons description, to put the former into context. For this place a '''Recap:''' at the beginning of the paragraph. (Avoid this if possible though, better write everything from scratch.)
{{eyecatchLight|2|Examples|Use of bold type for "compilation" anime: {{a|7056|Aoi Bungaku Series}}, {{a|6748|Halo Legends}}, {{a|6757|Shakugan no Shana S}}. Example use of "Recap:" in {{a|4559|Ichigo Mashimaro OVA}}.}}
:* Use of '''<u>underline</u>''' — never!:
:** Please completely '''avoid using <u>underline</u>''' in any part of the description. This text style is not required, and IMO ([[User:foo2|foo2]]) is ugly.


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