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→‎Signature Example 11: Soulweaver changelog
== Signature Example 11 ==
by [[User:Soulweaver|Soulweaver]] 18th February 2011 (last updated 10th January 201224th February 2013)* Updated by [[User:CDB-Man|CDB-Man]] 12th August 2015 to v1.42** Included unpushed changes by Soulweaver** Made a few minor tweaks
{{h4|Signature Image}}
Designed by Soulweaver
Version 1.4041, 10th Jan 201224th Feb 2013 Edited by CDB-Man Version 1.42, 12th Aug 2015
sizes, changes are required.
This signature is not within the ARC AnimeReactor forum limits, whatever ; that forum is's apparently somehow relevant.
See below the section with variables you can use to customize the look easily.
Better solution for progress bars of single ep segmented movies/specials
Last rated ep. count can now be "TBA" too
1.40a - Edited by me (based on Soulweaver unpushed change), changed <shape type="rectangle" size="1x1" /> from size="100x100" in the Default Values section
- Edited by me, added GMT {{@timezone}} to the Current Time section
- Edited by me (based on Soulweaver unpushed change), added restricted="true" to <image> tag defaults, as a hack workaround,
since glitch causes 2010 and newer anime to not load image unless 18+ tag is flagged true
1.41 Change default values to minimize issues with the signature system
limitations: default rectangle size is now 1x1 (there was no need for it
to be 100x100 in the first place), all images are shown now by default
(fixes non-hentai images from being hidden at the expense of hentai images
also showing)
Fix an oversight with the last added file field
1.41a Changed show vote precision to 2
Added "GMT {{@timezone}}" to the Current Time section
1.42 Restricted image glitch is no longer broken. Added a toggle for this setting
{{@showtotaltime=true}} <!-- show anime total time -->
{{@useimages=true}} <!-- whether to use anime images -->
{{@restrictedimages=false}} <!-- whether to show 18+ restricted images -->
{{@altairing=true}} <!-- shows "Airing" instead of no rating for incomplete series -->
{{@hidesingleep=true}} <!-- hides some ep stuff for one ep series (e.g. movies) -->
{{@condensedeps=true}} <!-- condenses eps and eps watched into one in mylist stats -->
{{@datemask="jS M 'y Y h:ia"}} <!-- Please refer to PHP's date function --> {{@timezone=2"-5"}} <!-- use only full hours from GMT, e.g. 2 or -6 -->
First, set the timezone variable above so that the times on last watched
{{@mlpercent = precision($stat_anidb_viewedepcnt/$stat_mylist_epcount*100,2)+"%"}}
{{@fsize = if(@stb>=1,precision(@stb,2)+" TB",if(@sgb>=1,precision(@sgb,2)+" GB",$stat_mylist_fsize+" MB"))}}
{{@lastmltext = truncatew("Last addition: "+$latestfile_id1_aname+if((fetchvar("$animestat_a" + $latestfile_id1_enumber latestfile_id1_aid + "_etotal") == 1) && @hidesingleep,""," Ep. "+$latestfile_id1_enumber),294,@adatafont,@adatasize,"..."+if((fetchvar("$animestat_a" + $latestfile_id1_enumber latestfile_id1_aid + "_etotal") == 1) && @hidesingleep,""," Ep. "+$latestfile_id1_enumber)) }}
{{@lastmlpos= 352-floor(lengthw(@lastmltext,@adatafont,@adatasize)/2) }}
<text color="{{@textcol}}" face="{{@adatafont}}" size="{{@adatasize}}" align="top-left" line-space="1.6" />
<image size="22x22" restricted="{{@restrictedimages}}" /> <shape type="rectangle" size="100x1001x1" />
<text position="497x4" align="top-right" line-space="1.2" display="{{@showgenstamp}}"><line>Generated:</line><line>{{@gentime}} GMT {{@timezone}}</line></text>
<line face="{{@atitlefont}}" size="{{@atitlesize}}">{{ truncatew($latestvote_id1_aname,109+if(@useimages,0,36),@atitlefont,@atitlesize,"...") }}</line>
<line>{{if((@lveps==1) && @hidesingleep,"Rating: ",if(@lveps==1,"One ep., R: ",if(@lveps==0,"TBA eps, R: ",@lveps+" eps, R: ")))+if(@lvrating==0,"-.--",precision(@lvrating,2)))}}</line>
<line>My vote: {{precision($latestvote_id1_vote,12))}}</line>
<!-- CREDIT - cannot be enforced but I really appreciate if you leave this here -->
<text position="496x140" align="bottom-right" face="{{@atitlefont}}" size="{{@atitlesize}}">
<line>Template design Design by Soulweaver * V{{precision(@version,2)}}{{if(@isbeta," BETA","")}}</line>


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