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*Special/Extra Episode ''(DVD Specials, Bonus eps)'' ''(S1, S2, ...)''
*Opening/Ending Episode ''(C1, C2, ...)''
{{eyecatch|Note|Do '''NOT''' add a separate episode for creditless openings/endings. Write that info in the description field of the '''file'''. We don't want creditless and non-creditless as separate episode entries. <br>The '''ONLY VALID''' naming template is Opening (1,2,...,n), Ending (1,2,...,n). In case if the same song is used with a significantly different video or the same video is used with a different song, append letters after the numbers e.g. Opening 1a, Opening 1b. <br>PVs (music video for the song) go under Other episodes, but only if they were released as part of the anime DVD/BD. <br>"Long/full" versions of the OP or ED should be added under Special episode unless they were actually used within a regular episode. <br>If the OP/ED/OP song is played and credits are shown, but the video is still that of the regular episode, then it's NOT an OP/ED episode (rather common in last episodes as sort of an epilogue).}}
*Trailer/Promo/Commercial ''(T1, T2, ...)''
*Parody/Fandub Episode ''(P1, P2, ...)''

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