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*Special/Extra Episode ''(DVD Specials, Bonus eps)'' ''(S1, S2, ...)''
*Opening/Ending Episode ''(C1, C2, ...)''
{{eyecatch|Note|Do '''NOT ''' add a separate episode for creditless openings/endings. Write that info in the description field of the '''file'''. We don't want creditless and non-creditless as separate episode entries. The '''ONLY VALID''' naming template is Opening (1,2,...,n), Ending (1,2,...,n). In case if the same song is used with a significantly different video or the same video is used with a different song, append letters after the numbers e.g. Opening 1a, Opening 1b. PVs (music video for the song) go under Other episodes, but only if they were released as part of the anime DVD/BD. "Long/full" versions of the OP or ED should be added under Special episode unless they were actually used within a regular episode. If the ED/OP song is played and credits are shown, but the video is still that of the regular episode, then it's NOT an OP/ED episode (rather common in last episodes as sort of an epilogue). }}
*Trailer/Promo/Commercial ''(T1, T2, ...)''
*Parody/Fandub Episode ''(P1, P2, ...)''

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