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→‎User CSS Tricks: Added Hint Bar trick
== User CSS Tricks ==
(Note: List needs to be organized or grouped in some way. Show sample images? Test tricks with "(?)" and better explain what they do.)
#layout-menu li.X {display: none;}
Fix display of signatures in forum and messages for Opera.
.vote { font-weight: bold; } .temp { font-weight: normal; font-style: italic; }
Shows temporary votes in ''italic'' and permanent votes in '''bold'''.
.high { color: darkgreen !important; } .mid { color: darkblue !important; } .low { color: darkred !important; }
This colors your votes depending on your score. Red for low votes, blue for middle votes, and green for high votes. These colors may be hard to see with some styles. { color: darkred; } .verified.yes { color: darkgreen; }
This colors for the verification status for a file. If it is dark red then the file needs to be dumped with [[AVDump]]. Dark green means the file has already been verified.
Also colors the verification status of language names.
*[type="text"]:hover { background-color:#aaaaffAAAAFF; }
Colors Textfields on Hover hover. (?)
#layout-main tr:hover, #layout-main tr.g_odd:hover { background-color:powderblue !important; }
Colors Tablerows on Hover hover. (doesn`t look so good) (?)  #layout-hint {background-color:#4A4A5A; top: 79px; left: 189px; color: #FFFFFF; width:auto; text-align:left; border:none;} #layout-hint, #layout-hint a:visited, #layout-hint a:active, #layout-hint a:link {color:#AAAAAA; text-decoration:none;} Repositions and recolors Hint Bar. (?)


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