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user css

from my user css (ninjamask):

/*Style for Temp and Full Votes*/
.vote { font-weight: bold; }
.temp { font-weight: normal; font-style: italic; }

/*Color for Votes*/
.high { color: darkgreen !important; }
.mid { color: darkblue !important; }
.low { color: darkred !important; }

/*Color for Verificationstatus*/ { color: darkred; }
.verified.yes { color: darkgreen; }

/*Colors Textfields on Hover*/
*[type="text"]:hover { background-color:#aaaaff; }

/*Colors Tablerows on Hover  (doesn't look so good)*/
#layout-main tr:hover, #layout-main tr.g_odd:hover { background-color:powderblue !important; }


[1] In userpage, can long name favourite entries be split into 2 lines?

#layout-main div.userpage_all div.userprefs div.block {