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You can post comments about various things on AniDB:

  • comments on news;
  • comments on reviews;
  • comments on anime;
  • comments on group-anime releases;
  • comments on clubs;
  • comments on blog entries;
  • comments on any other thread in the AniDB forum.

You can view your comments on MyList:Comment.

Forum Rank

Depending of your number of comments, you'll be granted a different title. Your title will be shown throughout the forum and in any private messages you send. The titles are:

  1. Harem Girl (0-9)
  2. Indecisive Lead Character (10-49)
  3. Nine-Tailed Frog (50-99)
  4. Fullmetal Angst Brother (100-249)
  5. Troll Hunter Z (250-499)
  6. Killer Loli (500-749)
  7. Night Shift Nurse (750-999)
  8. Spammer x Spammer (1000-2499)
  9. Pimp in a White Suit (2500-4999)
  10. I AM GUNDAM (5000-9999)
  11. Tard of the Rebellion (10000+)

Looking closely enough, you may also notice specific users have different titles. Those are custom titles specifically set on their accounts by staff. They are not chosen by the user, and they are not granted on request. Please don't ask.