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Codecs defined in AniDB

Instead of keeping track of every possible codec ever conceived they are grouped together in AniDB. After the introduction of Avdump3 it should never be necessary to feed AniDB this data manually.


This covers all implementations of the H.264/MPEG-4 AVC standard like, for example, x264.


All versions of Xvid.

DivX 3

(also known as DivX ;) )
Hacked version of the MS Mp43 codec, which is a MS bastard implementation of MPEG-4

DivX 4

First rewritten version and now standard implementation of MPEG-4 by the DivX group.

DivX 5 (also DivX 6)

2nd rewritten version by the DivX group. DivX 6 doesn't differ enough to add a separate entry.

DivX Unk

Deprecated. Will be removed at some point.

ASP other

All other ASP codecs that is not DivX / Xvid / MS MP4x.


MPEG-1 is a 1990 standard used to compress audio and video (AV) digital data. MPEG-1 defines a group of AV coding standards agreed upon by MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group). MPEG-1 video is used by the Video CD format. The output quality at usual VCD bit rates is roughly that of a VCR.
(Source: Wikipedia)

This includes VCD and SMPEG files.


MPEG-2 (1994) is a standard used primarily to compress audio and video (AV) digital data. MPEG-2 is the designation for a group of coding standards for AV, agreed upon by MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts Group), and published as the ISO/IEC 13818 international standard. MPEG-2 is typically used to encode audio and video for broadcast signals, including direct broadcast satellite and Cable TV. MPEG-2, with some modifications, is also the coding format used by standard commercial DVD movies.
(Source: Wikipedia)

This includes SVCD and DVD files.

MS Mp4x (also WMV1/2)

Microsoft based non-standard implementations of MPEG-4.


  • MS Mp41
  • MS Mp42
  • MS Mp43
  • Windows Media Video 7 (also WMV1)
  • Windows Media Video 8 (also WMV2)

Other (non ASP)

This covers mostly legacy codecs, but is not limited to:

  • Indeo Video 5 (IV5)
  • Vivo
  • VP3/4/5/6/7
  • Theora
  • Sorenson

Specify the actual codec in the videostream comment field.

RealVideo Other

RealVideo is a proprietary video format developed by RealNetworks. It was first released in 1997.

  • RV10: RealVideo 5, first version of RealVideo. (identical to H.263)
  • RV20: RealVideo G2; RealVideo G2+SVT (based on H.263)
  • RV30: RealVideo 8

(Source: Wikipedia) If you feel like it specify the actual codec in the video stream comment field. (AOM .6 will/should add a note about it)

RealVideo 9/10 (also RV40)

  • RV40: RealVideo 9; RealVideo 9 EHQ; RealVideo 10

Windows Media 9 (also WMV3)

Microsoft based non-standard implementations of MPEG-4.