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===Der Idiot===
===Der Idiot===
* settlers of catan
* settlers of catan (german)
* dominion
* dominion (german)
* civilization
* civilization (german)
* galaxy trucker
* galaxy trucker (language independent... for most part)
* munchkin
* munchkin (german)
* small world
* small world (language independent)
* Master Labyrinth
* Master Labyrinth (language independent)
* power grid
* power grid (language independent)
* tikal
* tikal (language independent)
* Through the Ages - A Story of Civilization
* Through the Ages - A Story of Civilization

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Anidb Boardgame / Tabletop 2013

Meetup Details

Attending Persons

Note: Please add yourself to this list if you plan on joining. If you're unsure if you will be there, indicate this. If you aren't coming, remove yourself.

  • Deridiot
  • msr
  • Hoerie

Event Details

We're gonna try and address all practical stuff here. This includes but is not limited to: transportation, bedding, schedule,...


Note: This is a work in progress but I would like to get a schedule ready by the time we actually meet up. For now I've just divided the day into 3 large sections.

Friday Evening: BBQ - Game A ( / B) Saturday "Morning": Game A ( / B) Saturday Afternoon: Game A ( / B) Saturday Evening: Fries/Other Food - Game A ( / B) Sunday "Morning"/Afternoon: Game A (/ B) Sunday Afternoon: Exodus Anidb Boardgame


Just a list of who is coming by what for the small chance someone would be able to come by carpooling or whatnot

  • msr: Driving - Antwerp -> BakaHQ (Via BE -> NL -> DE) - Taking: Hoerie


BakaHQ is placed close to a supermarket so it should be easy to aquire any food. I would at least cook friday and saturday evening. How we fill up the rest is tbd.


  • Saturday
  • Sunday


  • Saturday
  • Sunday


  • Friday: BBQ
  • Saturday: Fries


I have no idea if this should even be written down but here it is.

The Games

This is where it gets interesting.

Available Games by Person

Note: Please add games you wanna bring to the list. Remember that we can only play English / Non Language editions.

Der Idiot

  • settlers of catan (german)
  • dominion (german)
  • civilization (german)
  • galaxy trucker (language independent... for most part)
  • munchkin (german)
  • small world (language independent)
  • Master Labyrinth (language independent)
  • power grid (language independent)
  • tikal (language independent)
  • Through the Ages - A Story of Civilization


  • Game of Thrones (Second Edition)
  • Mahjong
  • Castles of Burgundy
  • Ticket to Ride
  • The Duke (2p) only
  • Pandemic
  • Carcasonne


Game Deciding / Voting

To fill up the schedule we need to decide what to play / do. If possible I would like to have enough time left to distribute some instructional / let's play type stuff.

I have no idea what system could be used other than nomination + random draw (voting, I think, will make this thing a very long afair.) The complexity of this will highly depend on the number of attendees but for now I doubt this needs more than the following:

  • Determine a max number of games for the pool
  • Distribute an equal number of nominations to attendees
  • Attendees can nominate the same game, if this happens