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What it does

The MyList Timeline is a page that shows a graph of your watched anime history. Each watched anime is represented in a timeline with a bar based on the date when you watched the first episode of the anime and the date when you watched the last episode of an anime.

Note Episodes watched after you already have watched the anime completely do not alter the timeline

The timeline is generated automatically based on when you marked episodes as watched, unless you manually edit the anime's state.

Note These statistics are not updated real time, see Routine Maintenance, exception being manual edits.
An example of AniDB's mylist timeline feature

Each anime is displayed with a different color based on it's state:

  • Green represents completed anime.
  • Red represents stalled anime.
  • Light gray represents watching or unknown anime.
  • Yellow represents dropped anime.

You can hover your mouse over a bar to see the title of the anime with the watched date range. Clicking on the bar will take you to the anime entry.