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The mass add file page is for adding many uniform files at once and was designed to be as simple as possible. (Link to this page can be found on the bottom of every anime page; massf). You are expected to dump the files you are adding before using this page. The autocreq system will then correct the file information automatically within 48 hours. (The creqs should be created within an hour.)

Read about how to use avdump.

Suggestions for improvement are of course welcomed.



The groups already registered having released for the anime in question will be in the dropdown on pageload. Use search if you can't find the group you wish to add files for. The dropdown will then be updated with the search results.


Where ? is the languages selected in the language dropdown menus.

  • Raw (japanese audio, no subtitles)
The files are the way they were aired on TV. No subtitles.
  • Fansub (japanese audio, ? subtitles)
The files has been fansubbed by a group. Usually hard subbed.
  • Dual (japanese audio, ? audio, ? subtitles)
The files have two or more audio tracks and at least one subtitle track. Usually based on DVD.
  • Dub only (? audio)
"Retarded" files with no Japanese audio.

Note that the template constrains some of the other fields. You should always select template first.


Select the type of subtitles the files has.

Dub Language

Select the audio language (?).

Sub Language

Select the subtitle language (?).

CRC Status

The file names includes crc tags that are checked against an official source. (Or the names are official themselves).


Mark the files censored/uncensored.


Quality and source for all the files you are adding.

Ed2k Dump

Paste the ed2k-links to your files here and press Next. The links will then be parsed and the file info will appear in a table. Check that the data here is correct. You might have to set episode numbers and version tags manually. (Episode number must be set manually in some cases like movie parts and specials.) When everything is checked click Add. The files will then be added unless an error occurs.

A possible improvement here is to add a version dropdown that updates all version tags at once. The file name parser could also be improved. (Check out the javascript.)

Missing fields

.. that could be added:

  • Release date