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The information on this page is incomplete and may not be of much use.
If you can, please help by adding to it.

The Groupstatus displays information about the current state of a release.
This information is displayed in the groupinfobox on every anime entry and in the groupentry for every listed group in AniDB.

Note This feature doesn't have to be 100% correct as its data is generated by AniDB automatically for most parts and is very dependent on the users. This means if users didn't add all files a group released it won't show the "true" status.
Please note that the states are not updated in real time. See: Routine maintenance

Possible States

(assuming all files released by the group got added to AniDB)

  • complete
The group released for every episode for a specific anime in AniDB at least 1 file.
  • finished
The group released at least a file for the last episode of an anime.
  • ongoing
The group hasn't finished/completed this series yet. The release is still ongoing.
  • stalled
The group hasn't released a file for this series for at least 2 months.
  • specials only
The group released only special Episodes, but none of the regular episodes.
  • dropped
The group has officially abandoned this project or the group does not exist any more.
  • N/A / unknown
The state of this release is currently unknown. This should generally be changed automatically to one of the other states within 24h.
Note Ongoing, stalled, finished, specials only and complete are automatically generated states! They're usually not set manually by a mod.

How it works

ongoing to stalled

AniDB only check for the highest added file for an episode by a group to set states. A timestamp gets set for this episode and if a higher episode doesn't get released in a defined timeframe it gets set stalled. Adding lower episodes won't change the timestamp.

ongoing/stalled to finished/completed

A release will get considered complete/finished by AniDB if at least a file for the last ep gets added. AniDB compares the highest file with the total ep count set for the anime. If those match it's finished. If a group even released a file for every episode of this anime it's complete

dropped/stalled to ongoing

This is identical to ongoing/stalled to finished/completed. Once an episode with a higher number than the one with the timestamp gets added it gets updated to another state.

ongoing/stalled to dropped

This process is manual! Set accordingly on the anime or groupages


  • none pending atm