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When adding video codec data, we don't want the FourCC, but the real used codec.

Why is that?

Groups often change the FourCC to increase "compatibility" so adding the FourCC is sometimes just wrong. However, many modern groups set/leave it to the correct value, and modern containers (Matroska) have no need for FourCCs anymore.

The following is a table showing the codec detection rules used by AOM, in order: FourCC, Codec, short name of codec, ???

('div3',      'DivX 3 Low-Motion',  'DivX3',    '3'),
('div3/div3', 'DivX 3 Low-Motion',  'DivX3',    '3'),
('div4/div3', 'DivX 3 Fast-Motion', 'DivX3',    '3'),
('div5',      'DivX 5.0',           'DivX5',    '7'),
('dx50',      'DivX 5.0',           'DivX5',    '7'),
('xvid/dx50', 'DivX 5.0',           'DivX5',    '7'),
('divx/dx50', 'DivX 5.0',           'DivX5',    '7'),
('divx',      'DivX 4 (OpenDivX)',  'DivX4',    '5'),
('divx/divx', 'DivX 4 (OpenDivX)',  'DivX4',    '5'),
('DIVX/DIVX', 'XviD',               'XviD',    '17'),
('xvid',      'XviD',               'XviD',    '17'),
('xvid/xvid', 'XviD',               'XviD',    '17'),
('xvid/divx', 'DivX 4 (OpenDivX)',  'DivX4',    '5'),
('mp42',      'S-Mpeg 4 version 2', 'MS MP4x', '18'),
('mp43',      'S-Mpeg 4 version 3', 'MS MP4x', '18')

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