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What is it?

An (initially) alphabetically sorted list of animes that includes the known aliases as well. You can sort it by any of the other available columns and even hide the synonyms (aliases) to have a list of official name in romaji only. The sort can be ascending ( or descending ( depending on the arrow you click for the column. Clicking on an anime-title will take you to the information page for it.

visible to registered users only

In addition to the options available to all users you will have the option (a link at the top of the list) to hide the animes you already have from the list. Some Profile-options ( like "Hide Kanji-title in animelist" also help finding animes quicker. At the bottom of the list, you will find an extra option to add new Anime to AniDB. Before adding new Anime please consult How to add new Anime to AniDB.