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The Anime Calendar lists anime after which date they were first aired/released.

Each entry consists of:

  • The picture of the anime,
  • The titles in whatever language has been entered,
  • A list of its genres (note: the genre system is outdated and will be replaced by categories soon-ish),
  • What type it is; if it is a movie, TV series, ova or special,
  • How many episodes it has (if available),
  • When it was aired/released as well as the date when it will end if it is available,
  • Producers,
  • Ratings and
  • Reviews.

By default it displays the current month's anime, but this can easily be changed by either clicking the "prev"/"next" links at the top and bottom of the page, or selecting a month and year to display (also at the top and bottom of the page). Usually, most anime that are released during the current month won't have any reliable ratings or reviews, as likely only very few people have actually watched it.

If you want more information about an anime, such as its relations or description, click the title, and you will be taken to the anime entry for that anime.