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My UserPage and my MyList.


Finish writing Latest.
Walkthroughs for:

  • more like delete and rewrite. tards have an attention span of like 5s. if it's too long then it's just done wrong.
  • Adding many files
  • How to avoid 24 hour anti-leech bans (use Applet, eD2KDump, AOM, etc.)
  • Create User CSS Tricks page (add more tricks below first; come up with a better page name?)
  • etc...

Fix images in Notifications.
Update various wiki entries that need updating.
Work on wiki entries that need to be written.
Search forums for FAQs.

User CSS Tricks

(Note: List needs to be organized or grouped in some way. Show sample images? Test tricks with "(?)" and better explain what they do.)

#layout-menu li.X {display: none;}

Hide visible left-hand menu options. "X" can be: main, search, calendar, schedule, random, latest, anime, character, creator, group, user, producer, category, tag, collection, song, myplace, mlist, mymessages, mynotifies, mywishlist, myvotes, myreviews, myentries, mycreqs, myreports, mysignatures, applet, ed2kdump, report, forum, irc, credits, or staff.

#layout-menu li.X {display: list-item;}

Show hidden left-hand menu options. The "X" can be any of the X's listed in the previous trick, however only the options mynotifies, mywishlist, myreviews, and mycreqs are hidden by default in the anidbstyle.css style. The options that are hidden by default may be different in other styles.

#layout-content div.anime_all div.tagcloud {display:none;}

Hides Tag cloud without hiding Categories from Info box.

#layout-content div.anime_all div.categories {display:none;}

Hides Categories cloud without hiding Categories from Info box.

#layout-main div.anime_all ul.links_top {display:inline;}

Makes topbar visible.

#layout-main div.anime_all div.desc {display: none;}

Want to hide anime descriptions so you don't see any spoilers? Use this trick or see the next trick.

#layout-main div.anime_all div.desc {background-color:#000000;}

This trick will put a black background behind the black text in the anime description, making it invisible unless you select the text (or just hit CTRL+A to select all text on the page in most browsers). This is like the previous trick, but it gives you an easy way to read the anime's description if you want to. (Change the #000000 to the text color if your text isn't black. For example #FFFFFF for white text.)

#layout-nav:before {background-image: url(X);}

Use this trick to change the top-left picture shown in the sub-blue, sub-brown, and sub-silver styles. Just subsitute a picture URL (preferably 100x100 pixels in size) for the "X".

#layout-main div.signature {margin-left: 1em;}

Fix display of signatures in forum and messages for Opera.

.vote {font-weight: bold;}
.temp {font-weight: normal; font-style: italic;}

Shows temporary votes in italic and permanent votes in bold.

.high {color: darkgreen !important;}
.mid {color: darkblue !important;}
.low {color: darkred !important;}

This colors your votes depending on your score. Red for low votes, blue for middle votes, and green for high votes. These colors may be hard to see with some styles. {color: darkred;}
.verified.yes {color: darkgreen;}

This colors for the verification status for a file. If it is dark red then the file needs to be dumped with AVDump. Dark green means the file has already been verified. Also colors the verification status of language names.

*[type="text"]:hover {background-color:#AAAAFF;}

Colors Textfields on hover. (?)

#layout-main tr:hover, #layout-main tr.g_odd:hover {background-color:powderblue !important;}

Colors Tablerows on hover. (doesn`t look so good) (?)

#layout-hint {background-color:#4A4A5A; top: 79px; left: 189px;
              color: #FFFFFF; width:auto; text-align:left; border:none;}
#layout-hint, #layout-hint a:visited, #layout-hint a:active, 
             #layout-hint a:link {color:#AAAAAA; text-decoration:none;}

Repositions and recolors Hint Bar. (?)