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CDB-Man's CDBstyle CDB`s improvements on DerIdiot`s AniDBstyle2. Contains mainly ergonomics updates.


  • Increased gradient of in-mylist green highlighting
  • Highlight mylist entries (on mylist page and other pages where mylist entries appear) based on the following:
    • red for if not fully collected (missing files)
    • blue for fully collected ("ready to watch"), and in various watch states
    • green for mylist state "completed"
  • for anime-group in my list, the completion bar, changed from green to red to improve readability
  • Highlight in red any missing char-char and anime-anime relations in the table-fied views of relations
  • Display top links (buttons) on anime/character/club/creator/collection/group/song page
  • Hide the undumped files column on the group page
  • Unhide the undumped files column on the group page if there are undumped files, and mark them in red
  • On the anime-staff add/edit page, remove capitalization of source-info in the header
  • expand default text entry box size
  • vertical align the user page avatar
  • shrink width of info box on userpages
  • max width, to maximize the widths of image vs data div blocks (ie on group pages)
  • userpage sections flex adding (discussions section only so far)

CDB-Man (talk) 07:07, 18 August 2014 (CEST)