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A simple GUI for [[Avdump3]] is available for CLI skeptics. The GUI package includes the most recent version of Avdump3 as well.
[[Avdump3]]<noinclude>[[Category:Text Module]]</noinclude>
[[File:Avd2gui.png|thumb|Screenshot of the GUI]]
# Download the GUI [http://static.anidb.net/client/avdump-gui.msi here] ([http://static.anidb.net/client/avdump-gui-2.3.2-portable.7z portable]).
# Set your AniDB user name and API password in the options menu.
## API password is set on your user settings page: http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=profile
## Under the "Account" tab, create a UDP API key; it can be anything you want. It is used for Avdump3 to connect to AniDB.
# Save the options.
# Select what you want to scan from the main menu; files or folders.
# Select the stuff you want to scan (... Button) (you can select multiple files at once).
# Click ''Start''.
For further Assistance join [[IRC:anidb]] and bug [[User:Der Idiot|Der Idiot]].<noinclude>[[Category:Text Module]]</noinclude>

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