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→‎Episode Name: Further examples of metadata to be stripped from T episode titles:
* If available, provide the Japanese T episode title '''in full'''.
** For example: A PV posted on the official website (directly embedded, linked to YouTube or some other video service, etc.) would have an official title from the producer/distributor as written on the website (preferred) or as provided in the video's name or title card.
** For example: A web PV posted on the official YouTube would have an official title from the producer/distributor.** Do not include extraneous bits in the title, such as "- Netflix", "TVアニメ" ("TV Anime"), that are metadata , but not part of the actual functional title of the PV.
* If a Japanese title is given, transcribe it '''in full'''.
* For the English title, the general naming convention is as follows: <<Type>> <<#>> (<<Length>>): <<Description>> - <<Sub-description>>


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